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The Story

LiK, a world created and crafted by the powerful creators from LiKStudios, forged by the powerful force of Art and Imagination. It all begins at the Mascadia Craters, where all imagination sprouts.





Not far from the crater is the magnificent City of Jonasian, a city brimming with art and culture.  By crossing the grand desert of Sandaria, you can reach the Southern River City of Yantican. From the city, you can see Mt.Dreconian where legend speaks of a Dragon that lives there since the beginning of time. If you climb the mountain, you will come to a crossroad where one path leads to the Leaning Tower of Julian and the other path leads to the City of the Ancient. It is said that many wondrous gadgets of the past can be found there.



From the Kaisim port, you can explore the East Continent. Some said Elves still lives in the Lascalis Forest and if you are lucky, you might get to meet one swimming at the Inner Sea Basilica. Up North is the Lake of Estheria, supplying fresh waters to the Court of Yen. The lake also has two channels that connect the inner cities near the crater to the distant Formosa Isle that are famous for her exotic fruits.



In the world of LiK, there are innumerable wonders to be explored and it is always evolving as more Imagination flows into the world from the crater. We are always exploring by travelling to different parts of the world. Now, we invite you to travel with us, to be part of us, to uncover the wonders that await us on this adventure. 



Will you join us and be part of this adventure?