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LiK Studio


Welcome to LiK! For your info, LiK is pronounced as ‘Like’. We are a team of very talented artists who are devoted to creating good design solutions for our clients. We help our clients to bring out their imaginations from their mind into the physical world. Creating the world with them and pushing the boundaries of their IP.


LiK is formed by experienced peoples, hailed from all over the world, connected by technologies and bonded by common goal. We believes in getting the right people for the right job, so our clients can be sure that we offers only the best and the widest range of style needed for their products.


Our designers have bagged numerous award and recognition from CG communities. Now, our common goal is to bring those successes to our clients. By means of Creative and Effective designs.





How we started out

LiKStudios is founded by Kai and Yen Ling with a group of 5 designers comprises of talents from , USA, Singapore, Taiwan, Belgium and Vietnam.


With the advances in communication technologies, we believe it has become easier to gather talents from different cultural background and expertise, to harness their creativity and solve challenges as a team. We removed geographical boundaries and embraces diversity, this allows us to create unique perspective in problem solving.  It has proven time after time that this ideology works and at the moment, the studio has grown to more than 30 designers working with the studio to deliver high quality design.  

We also have a team of producers and game designers to assist our clients if they requires more than art support.





Branching Out

In the mid-2013, we began to look at designing merchandizes for our clients and our own IPs.  We work with material designers and toy makers to bring our design from 2D into physical world. To this date, we have created miniature toys, tokens and packaging design. We plan to have our own products by mid of 2015. Stay tuned!


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