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LiKStudios Legal Talk

LiKStudios have been working with major developers all over the world. We places great importance on protecting the interest of both our clients and designers. So we make it a point to organised a talk that covers Copyright Law. We are glad to invite Linkin Wen, a very accomplished lawyer who we have been working with since day one, to share with us on the issue.

The rationale of the talk is to empower designers on the importance of abiding the copyright law and how this knowledge can help us protect our client’s IP. Because sometimes it is not the issue of not following the law but  an issue of whether we  are aware of the clauses that exist all the time. Especially when we are in the Outsourcing industry, we have to make sure everything is taken care of and the clients have a peace of mind that their projects are in good hand. If everyone knows the rules, the smoother the operation will be.

As it helps the creative industry, we open the event to public as well. We are really happy that within the first few days, all tickets are sold and tremendous positive responses that comes along. You bet more of such events coming along the way in 2015!

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Someone actually made an in-depth record of the Talk and they can be viewed via this website:

*Only downside is that it’s in Chinese. Will translate it soon.