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Frandlia :Giant Eagle

Frandlia: Giant Eagle Project. Done by one of our designer, Shawn. We going to share some of his process here ;)


For the Eagle is an important element in the animation, he has to select an easily recognizable design for it. Beside nailing down the details, he took special attention at finding the most interesting silhouette for the eagle. 


A close up look at some of the details. Quick rough sketches that able to bring ideas across effectively is crucial in getting the Art Director’s involvement to get a clear direction. The ability to do so, saves a lot of time and cost in any production.


An exploration into the character design. Keeping thing loss but clear. Focusing on trying different styles and approaches. 



Flashing the character out in 3D, place some simple lighting to check how it looks.


Nothing beats a well-executed environment painting, displaying the scale of things and getting the mood right!